Why Do I Regain Weight So Quickly?

Why do we regain weight so quickly? The answer is a bit more complicated than just saying because you were overeating or because you stopped exercising.

Actually, the answer could be different for each individual because we are individuals.

The phrase ‘one person’s junk is another person’s treasure’ actually applies to all foods
and people too.┬áIt’s amazing how many factors go into your weight gain and loss and your overall health.

“So we’re always trying to bring the latest and greatest non-invasive technology to go ahead and assess how well your health is doing. And so one of the newest things and a lot of research is coming out about this, it’s called heart rate variability testing. And we know that if you don’t have a heart rate that’s variable, that’s really unhealthy. That’s a very good determinant for heart attack, stroke, depression, lots of health issues.” Dr. Rafael Foss, DC, PSc.D.

You may be thinking. What is he talking about? So let’s dig into this just a bit more.

“So the basically, the way that works is your heart rate, every time the heart beats, you know, bump bump, bump bump, bump bump, if that’s consistent and exactly at the same pace, then there is no variation. That means your body can’t take stress very well. And so we’re able to actually measure the autonomic nervous system and the sympathetic versus the parasympathetic nervous system. So the stress versus the relax, the inflammation versus the healing. There should be a healthy balance there. And so we’re able to determine all these things with this non-invasive test. Measuring things is one thing, but being able to actually show a client that, hey, look, we can improve these things, it’s very exciting. So we are offering these new tests in the office.” Dr. Rafael Foss, DC, PSc.D.

And when you look at how your lifestyle in terms of eating habits along with the things that are going on in your life, for example, stress, then these factors dramatically impacts your ability to lose weight. That’s right. There’s just so many variables and our program helps factor in these variables to help you get the results you’re seeking. And keeping the weight off too. That’s what so exciting. You can lose it and keep it off. And it’s easier than you think because we use the science-based insights to create the custom road map for you. Just follow the map.

Here’s how Dr. Rafael Foss, DC, PSc.D. explains it further:

“…that’s the beautiful part about it. When you’re doing the right things based on your body, that’s why you’re not going to gain the weight back. If you’re looking at other programs where it’s based on, you got points for this and calories for that… If it’s okay to eat bad food, I mean, come on guys, wake up. Think about it, right? It’s probably not going to be a long term solution. And so we look for permanency. That’s really the goal here. And we want to educate and teach you and empower you so that you can empower your family and the community on how to be healthy…What happens for each person… Everyone’s different, right? We let you know proteins, vegetables, and fruits. We’re all different. We’ll give you a list of proteins starting from the very top of your list, which would be the proteins that are best to help your body burn fat, and then at the bottom of your list, those are going to be the proteins that actually will cause your body to store fat. We do that for vegetables and fruits. For example, everyone thinks broccoli is great for you, right? It’s got a lot of nutrition in there, but Broccoli’s different for every single person. For you, it may cause your body to burn fat. For me, it’s going to cause my body to actually store fat.”

So it boils down to how we use technology to help design a program based on what your body is saying it needs. Then, when you follow the road map your body will respond because all we do is help your body to do what it was created to do and that is store what it should store and burn what it should burn so that you can have a healthy body with less inflammation and more energy and vitality.

The great side effects of better sleep and more energy, as well as any positive emotional effects due to feeling more vibrant and actually liking the way you look, are all extra benefits of the program. Plus, who knows, you just may catch the eye of someone who you’ve been having your eye on for a little while.

The benefits are obviously health, but the side benefits go on and on for a long time.

But it does not take a long time to get the results, but you will need to take the time to give us a call so that you can get any questions answered and then we can get you working with Lifetime Wellness’ health program. That’s right. It’s not a diet because there are so many diets out there, but this program is a health program because the focus is gaining greater levels of health and not just shedding pounds.

And keep in mind that our program does not require exercise. The only exercise is you walking to the scales and maybe you jump up and down for joy because you’re getting results in such a short amount of time.

Weight loss pills are dangerous and the results never last. Having to find more time in your already crazy busy week always causes more stress and that stress could be causing you to gain weight. Think about that one. Going to the gym stressing you out could be leading to weight gain. That’s definitely not a good option.

So give us a call to discover more about our health program. Our coaches understand you and have helped hundreds of people who are looking to make a positive change with our health program. We are looking forward to speaking with you soon.



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