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Weight loss systems come and go all the time. But unfortunately, the results they provide are just as temporary.

If you’re looking for a weight loss system that is truly a system that will help you lose weight and keep it off then you’re going to want to hear what Dr. Rafael Foss, BS, DC, D.PSc, founder of Lifetime Wellness has to say:

[With the Lifetime Wellness system] “there’s no exercise needed. There are no hormone shots. There are no pre-packaged meals. There are no drugs. It’s based on eating real food, and so we use technology. We use algorithms to figure out what your health challenges are. We enter that information into the system, and it literally creates a roadmap for you that is customized and unique for each person based on real food and tells you exactly what you need to do get your body balanced to get your metabolism going within just a few days of starting the program. You sleep better. Energy increases. You start to burn fat, and it’s just a dramatic transformation that’s occurring.”

When he mentions a roadmap that is one of the keys to you getting the results. Think of it like this. If you had to take a journey to a place that you’ve not been before, then a roadmap or GPS is vital. In this case, the destination is to lose weight. The roadmap and GPS are provided by this proven weight loss system. And if you ever feel like you may be lost or wandering off the path to get to the destination, a great part of our weight loss roadmap is the coaches and counselors who can give you guidance and encouragement along the journey.

On the topic of exercise, if you’re carrying too much weight, it’s difficult to exercise, plus the risks of injury increases due to the weight.

Even Though the system does not require you to exercise, but since you end up with more energy, it’s not uncommon for people to want to exercise.

Once again, let’s see what Dr. Rafael Foss, BS, DC, D.PSc has to share:

“…here’s what interesting. You want to first get your body balanced, then once you get your body balanced, that’s when you want to start to exercise because you’re actually gonna get a lot more out of it. Our clients, we hear all the time, years down the line, they’re not gaining their weight back. It’s because we got to the root underlying cause of the problem. When you take care of the problem, which is your metabolism which is controlled by your organs, your hormones, your neurotransmitters, all those things, that’s how our clients’ metabolisms have been faster, and because of that and because of the education we give you, it teaches you how to not gain the weight back.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose the weight you want to lose and keep it off? No more yo-yo dieting?

Does that sound like a miracle?

Well, that’s exactly how one of our patients felt.

Dr. Foss goes on to share her story:

“Finding our program was a miracle she’s been looking for.” She’s tried other weight loss pills and powders, potions. You name it, she tried it. All her life, she struggled with her weight. She got to a point where her stomach was so big she couldn’t even bend over anymore. She was pre-diabetic. She had to have two knee replacements because of her weight. She basically felt like her weight was controlling her life.

She decided she couldn’t let it control her anymore. She came in to see us, and the rest is history. Take a look at her after. She went from a size 44 to a size 14. She lost a total of 55 pounds-“

And she’s not the only one who feels that this weight loss system has helped.

“So Mike, if you look at his picture and he just turned 71 years old. He felt overweight. He was tired of dealing with diabetes, and the two main things that really gave him a reality check is number one, his tennis coach told him he had to be a lot more agile in order to play on the court and if he could just lose the 10 pounds, he would be great. Then, the second thing, he went to Japan and he hiked Mt. Fuji with his sister, and he was so winded on the hike and it was so hard for him and so frustrating that on his way home from the trip, he promised himself he was gonna get into shape no matter what.

He loved that our program was customized just for him, and he loved it so much he actually ended up doing two rounds. If you take a look at his after picture, Mike lost a total of 50 pounds. Not only that, he’s flabbergasted that he’s off insulin completely, and his blood work and his labs are off the chart, so his doctor took him off all his meds, and he went for the checkup and the doctor couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it, and in Mike’s case, he lost 30 pounds after the first round, and then he lost an additional 20 pounds during round two to hit his goal of losing 50 pounds.

“We want to encourage if you’re frustrated with how you feel. If you’re struggling with your health, your weight, don’t suffer anymore. Come on in…there’s nothing to lose except the weight,” Dr. Foss.



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