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Our Lifetime Wellness Program is based on the latest and greatest breakthroughs in weight loss technology. When it comes to losing weight, you can’t leave your health to chance. Losing weight shouldn’t be a guessing game, and you need a plan that understands your unique body composition.

The problem with cookie-cutter diet and weight loss plans is that they don’t rely on this same technology. They don’t take into consideration your unique body or health needs. That’s why these plans either simply don’t work or only work for a limited time.

Our Lifetime Wellness Program uses technology to stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting. We understand how frustrating it is to lose the weight only to gain it back a few months after ending your program. These types of one-size-fits-all programs don’t address the root of the problem. Using a combination of state-of-the-art tests and analyses, the Lifetime Wellness Program pinpoints your unique problem areas and then creates a plan to solve them from the inside out.

Best weight loss technology in Jacksonville, FL.

The technology we use at our health clinic is capable of measuring your body’s potential and abilities better than ever before. Take a glimpse at some of our most accurate testing procedures!

Body Composition Analysis

If you’ve ever stepped on a scale at home only to be confused by the number, you’re not alone. Your scale at home, in a way, doesn’t tell the whole truth. It can’t determine the difference between fat, muscle, or even water. We’ve developed a system that gives your exact blueprint to show just how your body is functioning. Using a small electric current, we can see how your body processes fat, water, and muscle to see your unique body composition. From there, we’ll know how to target your weight loss plan.

Heart Rate Variability

You’ve probably heard of heart rate, but you’ve definitely never heard of Heart Rate Variability. Your Heart Rate Variability is the distance between heartbeats, and the increased level of variability your heart has, the better your body is equipped to deal with outside stress or temptation. We’ve all been tempted by an extra slice of cake or our favorite sweet, but what if there was a way to actually overcome this temptation? Heart Rate Variability is the solution to your difficulties with stress and temptation. We’ll analyze the state of your Heart Rate Variability and work on a solution for hacking your willpower from the inside out.

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You don’t have to suffer from being overweight anymore. Our Lifetime Wellness Program is guaranteed to pinpoint the root of the problem and develop a plan for overcoming these health obstacles. You’re only a few weeks away from changing your health for the better! Click here to schedule your first appointment today.



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