Medical Weight Loss Reviews Jacksonville FL PT 1

Part 1

Medical weight loss reviews in Jacksonville may be misleading, but not when it comes to Lifetime Wellness.

There are a number of Jacksonville FL area medical weight loss reviews, but if you’re checking the reviews and want to avoid having surgery or getting shots like HCG shots, then you’re going to like what you’re about to discover.

We’re going to help you understand just how effective our Lifetime Wellness program is, because if you can lose weight over the holidays then you can lose weight at any time of the year – Right?

Imagine if this was your situation.

What if you went to the doctor and they said that based on your blood work, you’re now a Type II diabetic.

Sounds scary?

Because it is. And unfortunately, this is a very common situation.

The challenges that people face with gaining weight continues to increase and sadly there’s no end in sight.

But there is an option and we’re going to share it with you as well as the results of just one of our patients.

It’s important that you understand that we are not in any way or fashion saying that if you have Type II diabetes, that you’ll get the same results, or that this will stop your diabetes. Please do what your doctor tells you to do. Our client followed her doctor’s instructions and stayed on medication per her doctor’s orders and after our program, her doctor took her off some of the medications.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We are just sharing the results of one of our wonderful clients who listened to her doctor and then came to us because she was not happy with her weight and she wanted to do something about it.

This is what she had to share about her experience:

“…when the doctor told me that I had type 2 diabetes, I was shocked. I didn’t expect that, I’d been healthy my whole life.

And then we got on these pills and I had carried around a little weight the few years before that, so that was the diagnosis that put me in the mindset, I’m done, I have to do something right now.

I’m not having this, I’m not taking four pills a day. I heard Dr. Rafael Foss, BS, DC, D.PSc ads on the radio, I gave him a call, started at the beginning of November and went through all the holidays and I lost weight through all the holidays, as everyone else was gaining weight and eating all those delicious foods, I was losing weight.”

There you have it. She lost weight even during the holidays!

True confession.

We get excited when our clients share their success journey with us.

In fact, it’s so exciting that each time we read about or hear about another successful weight loss journey we feel a great sense of team pride because we understand the positive ripple effect of when a family member wins their weight loss battle.

Think about this.

When you lose weight, how will that positively help people you’re around?

Will your loved ones get to experience a new and energized you?

Will your friends be inspired to follow your example?

Do you have children who you’d like to lose weight so that they can have a healthier more vibrant life?

What if your example is the spark that gets them to take that step? Better yet, why don’t you guys do our scientific program together?

FACT: There’s never a convenient time to ‘lose weight’ because it is a lifestyle change. BUT, there IS the BEST time to do it. Right now!

Be sure to read Medical Weight Loss Reviews Jacksonville FL Part 2 when we ask our patient who lost weight over the holidays what she was thinking in terms of getting started right away or waiting until a more convenient time and she is very blunt about what she had to say.

In the meantime, you can see more medical weight loss reviews from our Lifetime Wellness clients, click here.




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