How Weight Loss Improves You Inside and Out

Weight loss is a topic that covers many things. It is not a one-dimensional physiological property that always has the same conclusion for every person. Losing weight has different effects on different people.

Other than the physical changes brought by the loss of weight, you also have to think about the mental changes that it brings. There will be changes in your hormones and the distribution of nutrients as you go through the process of losing weight.

Below are some of the things that may occur when it comes to weight loss.

You may feel cold inside and out

The first thing that people will notice when they are starting to lose weight is how cold they feel. Someone who used to be able to weather out the colder temperatures may not be able to do so when they are starting to lose weight. The warmest of climates may even feel cold to someone who is 10 pounds into their weight loss program.

Why does this happen?

Depending on your weight loss program, there are different factors why you feel cold. For most, losing weight is accompanied by a strict diet plan. Calorie counting is one such strategy. When you count calories, you are limiting your body from the number of nutrients it has gotten accustomed to.

The nutrients will be distributed differently across the many systems of your body. The most vital parts are the ones that get these nutrients first. Some things that you don’t necessarily need to survive on a day-to-day basis such as your hair won’t get the same amount of nutrients that they used to which can trigger the feeling of cold because of the hormonal changes involved.

You may notice an increase in libido

An increased libido has to do more than just you feeling that you’re more attractive to your partner. It is also because you are going to go through hormonal changes which can trigger an increase in your libido. The shedding off those unwanted pounds can also make you feel sexier which will increase your self-confidence that can lead you to take action.

Is that a bad thing?

Definitely not. How you take advantage of your increased libido is entirely up to your preference, but it’s not really something that will have a negative aspect to your healthier approach in life.

Yo-Yo Diets May Cause You To Struggle, But Not Our System.

Going through a weight loss program is a major step for any person no matter what their starting weight is and what their goals are. We are all creatures of habit, so the struggle is real for the Yo-Yo fad diets, but not ours. Here’s why.

We devise a program that will allow you to eat healthily and the right about of food. So the struggle of hunger that leads to binges is not like what you have with the diet pills that wear off and leave you in ‘binge mode’.

Plus, when you get to eat regular meals of food that you’re buying and not a pre-packaged meal then you’re in the driver’s seat in terms of selecting the foods that you like and are good for you. That’s a winning combination.

Let us help you get to the weight that you desire. This system works. We would love to speak with you.



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