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The National Center for Health Research reports that 1 in every 7 Americans faces challenges posed by unhealthy blood cholesterol levels, which are blamed for 800,000 deaths annually. High cholesterol presents possible heart and brain health dangers contributing to an elevated risk of death and disability.

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a necessary waxy component in the blood that is critical for building vibrant cells. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing is problematic because it may increase fatty deposits that can clog blood vessels. When this happens, adequate blood flow to the heart and brain can be interrupted causing a heart attack or stroke.

One of the many great benefits of losing weight is it often can solve cholesterol issues for the long-term without the negative side effects that many drugs create.

In fact, we’ve had a number of our clients who have followed our science-based program lose those stubborn unwanted pounds that contribute to unhealthy cholesterol levels.

We do recognize that not all cholesterol issues are weight related, and we strongly advise that you follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to your cholesterol levels, but for those of you who have been told that losing weight will only benefit you then our program here is definitely something to take look at closer.

We’re always hearing on the news about the challenges that bad cholesterol presents so let’s have a look at the differences in the types of cholesterol.

Good Cholesterol versus Bad Cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol referred to as LDL and HDL. LDL is often called bad cholesterol, while HDL is known as the good cholesterol. Lower LDL levels equate to healthier levels. Conversely, higher HDL levels are considered preferable.

WebMD defines a dangerous LDL level like 190 or higher. At this level, many physicians will consider prescribing a statin. Unfortunately, statin use is controversial and has side effects in some cases. Of course, if you can avoid taking prescription medications with harmful side effects then you want to do that -Right?

Commonly Prescribed Medications and Side Effects

National Center for Health Research reports that as many as 30 million Americans currently take medications aimed at lowering their cholesterol. Statins are the “Go To” prescription option that most physicians choose for treating patients with dangerous cholesterol levels.

As is true for many drugs, statins can cause health problems and aren’t a good choice for many patients. Liver abnormalities and muscle problems are associated with the use of statins in some users.

Medical News Today reports that statins can also increase the likelihood of acquiring type 2 diabetes. Considering the devastating health consequences associated with diabetes, this factor makes many people reconsider using statins when weight loss can offer results minus negative side effects.

Weight Loss Solutions

There is an unmistakable correlation between unhealthy weight levels and high cholesterol. The Heart Foundation reports that overweight and obese individuals are much more likely to suffer from high cholesterol levels. For this reason, many people are turning to physician-supervised weight loss programs as a safe way to address high cholesterol problems.


There is an undeniable link between high cholesterol and heart and brain health. Adults at risk can choose to take medicine for the rest of their life or can turn to weight loss as a safe and positive choice that will improve their health and self-esteem. While dieting can be difficult if you try and tackle this task on your own, our system is a proven path to losing weight. We love it when you’ve already tried other programs and they did not work, because that gives you something to compare us against.

We believe that the closer you look at us then the better we will look to you. Because you’ll quickly discover that we are different. Let’s be honest, different for the sake of being ‘different’ is not necessarily a good thing. But, our difference is what’s getting positive results for so many people.

What’s our difference?

We use science to help you get to your weight goal. In other words, we don’t just treat you like every other person who walks in the door. We design a program based on your body telling us what it needs in order to lose weight. That’s right. We actually do tests that essentially allows us to help you get the path to losing weight based on your body’s messages. There’s a ‘fingerprint’ for you to lose weight. We help discover what that is with our testing and match that as closely as we can in order to ‘fit’ you with the foods and nutrients that help your weight go down.

Sound too good to be true? Are you skeptical? We don’t blame you. But there’s really only one way to discover the truth.

We can give you a custom roadmap based on our scientific approach and that is why we’ve been able to have success with so many people.

And another big thing that makes us different is the results last. Give us a call today!




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