How Losing Weight Helps You Sleep Better

Ever find yourself tossing and turning and not getting a good nights rest? Did you used to sleep well, but now that you’re heavier you can’t get to sleep like you used too and you wake up tired all the time?

Then you need to discover how our weight loss program just may help you sleep like a baby again.

Here’s why our weight loss program helps you sleep better.

“…so the program is all about balance, all right. We have the technology now that has proprietary algorithms to figure out exactly what each person needs, kind of like Google when you search the internet. Well, you enter your information in and when you come into the office and we create a blueprint for you that’s unlike anybody else, where it’s customized so that you can get your program. And your program is based on eating real food and nutrition for you and for nobody else and when you do that, the results follow.

People don’t just come to see us for their weight issues. They come in for health issues and if you’re not getting any good nights sleep, it’s probably because your body is out of balance, right? Those are the facts and if you’re in a lot of pain and you have a lot of swelling, inflammation, you’re gonna toss and turn all night. If your hormones are off, you’re not gonna sleep like a normal person and then what happens when you don’t sleep, you’re in a bad mood. You’re tired. it affects your cognitive function and it’s so critical to get a good nights rest.

What people experience throughout our program is getting their bodies into a healthy, balanced state. Getting the inflammation out. Balancing the hormones and then what happens very typically people start sleeping throughout the night. A lot of times people start the program and they’re doing a CPAP machine and try sleeping with one of those attached to your face all night. It’s not fun and I love it when people say “I don’t need my CPAP anymore. I’m sleeping better.” I was… People are always saying to me “my spouse says I don’t snore anymore.” And then you get a good nights rest and you wake up feeling refreshed and you’re energized and you’re in a better mood. Life is just completely different when that happens.”

Here are Two Examples:

“Carrie was struggling with her weight for years. Nothing was working and this was her last-ditch effort before she wanted to consider surgery. She couldn’t sleep throughout the night. She had no energy to play with her grandbaby. She was at her wit’s end and Carrie came in to see us. She ended up enjoying the program so much and did such amazing results, she ended up doing two rounds with us. Lost a total of, get this, 66 pounds. Carrie finished the program over a year ago. She’s amazed she’s been able to actually maintain and even lose a few more pounds just continuing this healthy lifestyle. We give you the tools to keep the weight off for good.

Then there’s Darlene. She lost 30 pounds with us. She also dropped four dress sizes. She’s 60 years old and she says that this program is fun, easy and she says it is for real. Darlene was actually considering very expensive surgery right before she found us. She decided to give us a shot and could not believe the results. She had sleep apnea, she was a borderline diabetic, she had high blood pressure. Well, not anymore. She’s now healthy. She’s sleeping through the night without any trouble and it gives her the energy she needs to go shopping for a new wardrobe…”

There you have it. Real results from real people who used to feel that they would not get to have the peace and comfort of a great night’s rest, but after our proven weight loss system they are now able to feel rested, look rested, and act rested.

Just imagine how you’ll feel when you are sleeping through the night!

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