Is the Lifetime Wellness Program right for me?

What is BCA and why do I need it?

BCA stands for Body Composition Analysis and these tests measure your body fat percentage, your body water percentage, your metabolic age, and much more.

BCA helps us determine that you are losing the right amount of weight in the right places.

What is a HRV and why do I need it?

HRV stands for heart rate variability and this measurement tells us how your heart and cardiovascular system are able to handle stress. The better your HRV, the better you are able to tolerate stress, the more energy you have, and the less likely you are to have cardiovascular disease.

Plus you feel GREAT!

Are there convenient locations for me?

Yes, we have convenient locations so that you can come before work, during your lunch break, or after work. Whenever you’re ready to change your future, we are ready for you!

Do I have to take supplements on this program?

Supplements should only be used in addition to a well rounded nutrition program. We give you the nutrition program, and add the supplements you need to succeed!

Is this program covered by my insurance?

Insurance will pay for acute sickness and illness but not lifetime wellness. Insurance counts on you taking medication and having surgeries. We want you to avoid medications and surgeries and feel like a million bucks!

What should I expect with this program?

You should expect to lose at least 20 lbs if you follow our recommendations. We hope you will feel better than ever!

Do I need to exercise to be successful?

No, exercise is not necessary and you can still be successful on our program.

How much weight will I lose?

Weight loss is different from person to person and is also a side benefit of good health.

Men generally lose 35-45 lbs in one round on our program while women lose 27-32 lbs in one round.

I’m a vegetarian. Can I still do this program?

We have had plenty of vegetarians and vegans that do our program and are also very successful!

What kind of support will I get during this program?

We suggest weekly visits to the office that ensures your success. You can come as often or little as you like, we are here to ensure you reach your goals.  You will also have manuals, custom reports, and social media groups that will make sure you succeed.

What do I need to do to be successful in this program?

You need to be fully committed to making a change and learning how to properly enjoy food for a lifetime of health!

Will the Lifetime Wellness Program help me achieve my goals?

The Lifetime Wellness Program is designed to help you get healthy fast, lose weight, and learn how to stay that way for a lifetime.

Will my investment allow me to achieve my goals?

The investment in this program is astronomically less than any other weight loss program available today, additionally the costs of poor health, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and common health conditions that most people experience are always much expense for a person to handle. For only $88 you can register & get started receiving all the health benefits and then its only $44 a month(LESS THAN $2/day) to continue , and you can radically change your life and health!

Will I be able to be successful with pre-packaged meals and drinks?

No, pre-packaged meals and drinks never work in the long run. They aren’t sustainable and don’t last for a lifetime.

We offer solutions that last a lifetime!



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