Dr. Rafael Foss

Dr. Rafael Foss B.S., D.C., D.PSc.

For nearly ten years Dr. Rafael Foss B.S., D.C., D.PSc., has been a distinguished leader and educator in the field of health and nutrition. His emphasis on educating others has influenced the ongoing health of many in a powerful way.

Today, Dr. Rafael Foss has expanded his thriving practice to also include a revolutionary weight loss program, Lifetime Wellness Program, which is having an amazing impact in the Jacksonville community.

Although Dr. Foss has been traditionally trained as a Doctor of Chiropractic, he presents and offers weight loss services as member-only services under his Pastoral Medicine License # L31038301. Pastoral Medicine is the Professional Blend of Scriptural Health Wisdom and Understanding along with Leading Edge Science. Lifetime Wellness services offered are pastoral health services and should not be confused with state-regulated services or services offered by any other doctor or healthcare professional.

Our focus is wellness for the whole family because our vision is to live in the healthiest community on the planet.

“I then develop a comprehensive individualized plan of care to get and keep the individual well for a lifetime. I have learned through my experience that human beings are all genetically designed to be healthy and it is our choices in life that determine our well being and how long we will live on this planet.”

The Lifetime Wellness Program transforms lives

One of the hallmarks that distinguished Dr. Foss from others in his field is his passion for educating others. According to Dr. Foss, “To doctor means to teach…teaching people lifestyle and lifestyle potential.” To that end, he typically will have eight to twelve speaking engagements per month where he teaches people about nutrition and other health-related topics. Leading by example, he has a genuine quest for being as healthy as possible as well as helping others achieve that same goal. By education and by providing families with resources to make better decisions are some of the ways we achieve spectacular results.

Dr. Foss’s wife, Alina, shares the same passion and is also very pleased to be a part of the Lifetime Wellness team. Alina shares, “I did the program in order to fix any imbalances that I had internally. After several days I began feeling more energy, sleeping better and started losing those extra pounds I have gained prior to doing the program.”

Dr. Foss comments, “It’s very inspirational to watch people transform like that.”

My health and my family’s health is the greatest asset that we have. We realize the importance of building your health through proper lifestyle choices. Because of that we know we have the amazing healing power of our minds and bodies and that we just have to supply it with genetically raw materials needed.

Transforming lives is why Dr. Foss and Alina are now promoting Lifetime Wellness in Jacksonville. They want to see more lives dramatically improved through doctor supervised weight loss and nutritional education. They take great pleasure in helping people become healthier, live longer, and experience more fulfillment in life and are very pleased to make this opportunity available to the community.



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