Does Sleep Apnea Go Away with Weight Loss Pt 2

Part 2 of ‘Does Sleep Apnea Go Away with Weight Loss’.

In part one we learned about what Sleep Apnea is, how weight impacts your risk of sleep apnea and the impact on the individual suffering from sleep apnea and their families. We now know that being overweight is a leading cause of sleep apnea. In Part 2 we’ll talk about what type of health program you should look for to help lose weight and say goodbye to sleep apnea.

Health First, Weight Loss As a Bonus

The Lifetime Wellness program takes a customized approach to weight loss and health by incorporating a body composition scan, hormone analysis, and developing a personalized food & supplement plan.  It’s not uncommon for people to come to Lifetime Wellness seeking help to just get healthier- whether it’s lowering their cholesterol or getting rid of their CPAP machine.  For many, weight loss is almost a side benefit to their improved quality of life.

Most of our clients are not carrying the weight because they want to be heavier. It’s not their fault that they don’t have the knowledge to be able to allow their body to have the tailored plan necessary to help them shed the pounds and gain a higher quality of life.  Most diet approaches are one-size-fits-all when our bodies and nutritional needs are unique.

“People don’t just come to see us for their weight issues. They come in for health issues and if you’re not getting any good night’s sleep, it’s probably because your body is out of balance, right?

Those are the facts and if you’re in a lot of pain and you have a lot of swelling, inflammation. You’re gonna toss and turn all night. If your hormones are off, you’re not gonna sleep like a normal person and then what happens when you don’t sleep?– you’re in a bad mood. You’re tired. It affects your cognitive function and it’s so critical to get a good night’s rest.”

-Dr. Rafael Foss, BS, DC, D.PSc, Founder of Lifetime Wellness

Benefits of the Lifetime Wellness Program

Dr. Foss emphasized that clients who come to Lifetime Wellness to lose weight experience benefits far beyond just shedding some extra pounds, such as getting rid of their sleep apnea, lowering their cholesterol, experiencing less joint pain and more. “What people experience throughout our program is getting their bodies into a healthy, balanced state. Getting the inflammation out. Balancing the hormones and then what happens very typically people start sleeping throughout the night,” says Dr. Foss.

Ditching the CPAP Machines

Many clients at Lifetime Wellness have been able to say goodbye to their CPAP machines after going through the weight loss program.  “A lot of times people start the program and they’re doing a CPAP machine,” says Dr. Foss. “Try sleeping with one of those attached to your face all night. It’s not fun and I love it when people say ‘I don’t need my CPAP anymore’.”

It’s not unusual to hear clients at Lifetime Wellness report back improved quality of sleep such as:

“I’m sleeping better.”

“My spouse says I don’t snore anymore.”

“I don’t wake up feeling tired like I used to.”

Science tells us that when you get a good night’s rest and you wake up feeling refreshed, your health improves, you’re energized and you’re in a better mood.

“Life is just completely different when that happens,” says Dr. Foss.

Success Stories

Dr. Foss shares the story of two clients who, in addition to having a great result in terms of weight loss, were super excited about how the weight loss positively helped them to get a much better night’s rest.


“Carrie, she was struggling with her weight for years. Nothing was working and this was her last-ditch effort before she wanted to consider surgery. She couldn’t sleep throughout the night. She had no energy to play with her grandbaby. She was at her wit’s end and Carrie came in to see us. She ended up enjoying the program so much and did such amazing results, she ended up doing two rounds with us. She lost a total of 66 pounds! Carrie finished the program over a year ago. She’s amazed she’s been able to actually maintain and even lose a few more pounds just continuing this healthy lifestyle. We give you the tools to keep the weight off for good.”


“Then there’s Darlene. She lost 30 pounds with us. She also dropped four dress sizes. She’s 60 years old and she says that this program is fun, easy and she says it is for real. Darlene was actually considering very expensive surgery right before she found us. She decided to give us a shot and could not believe the results. She had sleep apnea, she was a borderline diabetic, she had high blood pressure. Well, not anymore. She’s now healthy. She’s sleeping through the night without any trouble and it gives her the energy she needs to go shopping for a new wardrobe. And you have taken a look at her favorite new red dress… she’s actually now in a size 8 and she couldn’t be happier.”

It comes down to this, losing weight will not only reduce your chances of developing sleep apnea but could help you ditch the CPAP machine for good and start sleeping well.

If you’re ready to improve your health and get good sleep, call us to learn more about our Lifetime Wellness Weight Loss Program!



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