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As a diabetic, taking weight loss pills can be a very dangerous thing.

How to lose weight with diabetes type 1 or type 2 requires a very specific plan in order to achieve the desired results without causing even more problems.

At Lifetime Wellness we feel honored to have been able to help so many people like our clients that we’ll be spotlighting today.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Jim shared:

“I had heard the commercials like everybody hears them and I was feeling bad. I had an A1C of 12.5 and my blood sugar was 388. When I got on the system, three days after being on the system my blood sugar went down to 108. 

Being in the system and following the program, it’s so simple. You have a journal that you have that gives you suggestions on servings and sizes and it works you through it.

Every day you have a text that you send in your weight and they send you suggestions. There’s a support system that is unbelievable.

If you have any questions you can email them, you can call them. His staff is just outstanding. They made it so simple and easy. I’d go in once a week for checkups and weigh-ins and I mean-“

Our program helps you to fight the battle of losing weight and to be clear it is really a battle too.

Here’s why we say that.

Food companies have paid and made billions of dollars to get you hooked on eating foods that frankly are very bad for you. And if you’re a diabetic you really have to be careful because the science that makes the foods so addictive literally fights against you fighting to lose weight.

Diabetic Weight Loss Pills Alternatives. So what’s a good option?

How about ‘fight fire with fire’?

Here’s what we mean. The food companies use science to get you hooked. So we use science to fight science.

That’s right, our program uses science to help you, not to hurt you.

The technology allows us to customize a program for you and your body. The program is based on real food. It’s based on cooking your food. You can go out to the restaurants. But everybody has a different issue and needs a different solution to their problem.  And that’s why the results have been so positive.

Let’s listen to what Jim had to say about his situation:

My blood sugar had dropped to where I didn’t have to take a shot. So I called my endocrinologist and I said, “Hey blood sugar is this,” and he said, “Well let’s do a maintenance shot once a week for two weeks and see how it does.” My blood sugar stayed down. It’s been down ever since. At night I was having to sleep with a C-PAP, I don’t have to do that anymore, thank god. Energy level, unbelievable. I just … I have a hard time sitting still now. I wanna go do something. I don’t wanna go home and watch TV. I wanna go play. I wanna go for a walk. I wanna do something now. So it’s totally changed.”

Are you looking for a total change too?

Give us a call to discover what you’re customized plan does for you. Imagine a new you, after losing 20, 30, 40 or more pounds?

You’ll be the ‘talk of the town’. Your friends and family will be so surprised and so proud of you. But, what’s most important, is you want to love how you feel and look.

This program just may be what you’ve been praying for. You deserve this. Treat yourself. Give us a call.



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