Best Weight Loss Doctors in Jacksonville FL

The best weight loss doctors in Jacksonville FL will share what they expect their programs will do for you, but a lot of people don’t want to take drugs like HCG shots or have to deal with the challenges of other fad diets.

What would you say if we told you we have a lose 20 lbs in 40 days expectation, and we are so confident that we’ll even guarantee the results?


We don’t blame you, but just suspend your doubt for a few minutes and keep reading because our results speak for themselves.

Like we said, If you find it hard to believe then we don’t blame you at all. Because so many people who have now lost weight felt the same way. But here’s what they found out.

Pills and fads and celebrity diets don’t work because of several reasons, and the best weight loss doctors will tell you that. Lifetime Wellness works because it’s science; it really boils down to that very important fact.

We use science and technology to help develop what helps your body to go to work and help you lose the weight and just as important, when you follow what we have you do, then the weight will stay off.

Here’s what one of the best weight loss doctors in Jacksonville Florida,  Dr. Rafael Foss, BS, DC, D.PSc, founder of Lifetime Wellness, has to say about the program.

“The average female is going to lose between 27 to 32 pounds. The average man is going to lose between 35 to 45 pounds.

We say 20 to 45 or more pounds because we have an at least 20 pounds guarantee…The program is 40 days, but really it’s nine weeks. What I mean by that is for the last three weeks, you’re not going to lose, you’re not going to gain, but we said that so that you never ever gain the weight back. This is actually permanent.

You see, we’re not actually practicing medicine. We’re not guessing. We’re not saying, ‘Try this. Let me know how it goes. Come back. Try this. Let me know how that goes.’

We are scanning the body…we’re using science.

With this program, we’re able to ask your body exactly what it needs to get into this perfect state of healing, to get into this perfect fat-burning zone.

So, it’s extremely customized. It’s extremely safe and it’s doctor-supervised.”

This is a great way to live and gets you great results with many more benefits than just losing weight.

In fact, you’d probably be surprised at how you’re going to feel just by losing the weight. It’s not uncommon for people to share with us that they have a significantly higher level of energy. This new found energy helps impacts their moods and as a result of that, we’ve even had some patients share that they feel like the weight loss has had positive impacts on their relationships.

Our technology and full body composition analysis will tell us exactly what your body needs in order to help you get to your specific ideal fat-burning zone.

Think about it for a minute.

These ‘one size fits all diets’ really should have you scratching your head because ‘one size fits all’ may work for clothes that goes on outside of your body, but if you’re putting something inside your body it better be customized for your specific body and how your body functions. There’s really only one you, so it’s important to get you the best path to weight loss according to your body.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

One of the two best parts of the custom program is you get to eat real food and you don’t have to exercise in order to get the results.

Yes, you will be eating food that you buy from your local grocery store and the results that we’re getting are not because of an exercise program that is impossible to do.

We do advocate good health, and exercise is part of having good health, but the weight loss, including our guarantee, is not attached to you doing any extra exercise routines.

If you’re thinking right now that this is what you’ve been looking for, then take the step of faith and just give us a call. There’s no pressure and we operate in a judgment-free zone meaning no matter what your current weight is we will not judge you. We understand that it’s not your fault. 

We understand you are probably like so many people that we’ve been able to help because you’ve tried before but it seems nothing has worked before.

We LOVE it when people tell us they’ve tried a lot of other options because that tells us TWO THINGS:

  1. You’re not a quitter because you’re looking to try again. So a BIG congrats on that level of thinking.
  2. When you’ve tried a lot of other things that will only make us look better when you see how we’re using science to help you get the results that you deserve.

Don’t delay, give us a call and we’d be happy to explain more as well as answer your questions.

Just imagine, what you’d look like once you’ve completed this scientifically-based weight loss program.

We’re excited to meet you.



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