7 Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting

Is Yo-Yo Dieting Really That Bad for You?

The bad effects of yo-yo dieting seem to be not enough for those that keep on doing it season after season. Although yo-yo dieting can seem like it works, especially when you are reading about celebrity success stories, there are big reasons why it will fail with everything else.

Depending on what your goal is on why you started dieting, what you want to achieve in the long term, and what you are trying to avoid in terms of health complications, there are several reasons why you should avoid going on a yo-yo diet. Below are 7 of them:

1. Heart Attack

A sudden heart attack is not uncommon for those that do yo-yo dieting. It doesn’t choose any weight. The heart attack can happen to anyone. However, it seems to be more common for those that are on their path to gaining weight for their yo-yo dieting program.

2. Cancer

Because yo-yo dieting can increase body inflammation, it has a direct link to illnesses such as cancer. There is no specific cancer that a person can get if they always do yo-yo dieting. However, the constant gain and loss of weight are also detrimental to the recovery of a person who has cancer.

3. Obesity

Someone that does a yo-yo diet may seem like they are physically fit when they’re on their lowest weight, however, they might fluctuate to a continuously heavier weight as time goes by. This can become a trend and may lead to the obesity of the person that’s ignoring the bad effects of yo-yo dieting.

4. Coronary Heart Disease

A heart attack isn’t the only heart complication a person should worry about if they are yo-yo dieting. They’ll also be at risk of dying from coronary heart disease. This can happen if they didn’t gain the weight that they lost or lose the weight that they gained in a short span of time.

5. Emotional

Emotional complications have been observed as one of the bad effects of yo-yo dieting. With yo-yo dieting, someone has to constantly undergo physical changes. This can impact them emotionally because of the rapid change that they have to endure. Eating their favorite food and drinking their favorite beverages may no longer be possible or they may be overindulging.

6. Liver Failure

A failing liver is one of the more common results of yo-yo dieting. Because of the extreme changes that the body undergoes, the liver is going to struggle to keep up as time goes by. This will lead to liver failure which can be deadly in the long run.

7. General Unhealthiness

An unhealthy lifestyle is developed when someone ignores the bad effects of yo-yo dieting. When someone becomes content with taking shortcuts to get the physical appearance that they’re striving for, they won’t pay as much attention to the long term and much healthier approaches for dieting. A well-structured diet and regular exercise will always be better than yo yo dieting.

How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

If you or someone you know has been caught in the yo-yo dieting cycle of losing weight with a quick fad diet, only to regain it (or more) then here is how to stop the cycle once and for all.

  • Find a weight-loss program that is based on lifestyle changes and not just losing weight. This type of program could include nutritional supplementation to address deficiencies, regular check-in, eating real foods and not pre-packaged meals, etc.
  • Make sure the program is tailored to you. Weight loss is NOT one-size-fits-all so finding a program that takes in your health history, age, gender, and food sensitivities is important to your success.
  • Work on your mind and body. Losing weight is as much a mindset shift as it can be a physical shift. Explore your relationship to stress and food. So examples of this include binge-eating when you are stressed, going all day without eating and then resorting to quick, unhealthy meals, using food to soothe negative emotions, etc.
  • Get support. Have regular check-ins with a professional, friend or family member to hold you accountable or give you encouragement if you plateau.


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