4 More Benefits of Losing Just 5% of Your Body Weight

1 – Prevent Or Delay Type 2 Diabetes

Those who are more likely to get type 2 diabetes can benefit a great deal from losing just 5% of their current body weight. A person who weighs 200 pounds and loses the first 10 via proper dieting can delay developing the disease. As for those who already have diabetes, losing weight can help reduce the amount of medication you take as well ask keeping your blood sugar levels in control.

Keeping track of your blood sugar levels and doing your best to eat healthily and shed excess pounds will significantly lower the chances of developing diabetes early.

2 – Reducing Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Carrying extra pounds can cause extra tissue and fat to accumulate at the back of the throat. The additional tissues tend to relax during sleep which can obstruct the airways causing you to stop breathing throughout the night. The cycle will continue as your brain will wake you up because of the lack of oxygen.

Many sleep apnea sufferers do not realize they have symptoms unless they have a partner who can detect excessive snoring or sudden gasping of air. Failing to treat sleep apnea opens you up for several other medical conditions such as high blood pressure and chronic fatigue. Trimming down 5% of your weight can help reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea allowing you to get better and restful sleep.

3 – Reversing Of Insulin Resistance

As soon as you start to lose weight, the first part of the body that shrinks is the belly. This is good news as body fat in the belly region tends to give off chemicals that result in insulin resistance. Insulin is a type of hormone our body needs to ensure our blood sugar levels stay normal. Developing a resistance makes the pancreas work too much to create extra insulin, but this still leads to consistently high blood sugar levels.

Losing the weight, even just a small 5% to start with will do wonders to reverse your body’s insulin resistance. You’ll find yourself being able to control your blood sugar levels easier once the 5% is lost.

4 – Boosts Your Mood

Weight loss is closely linked to a boost in self-confidence. Obese people who work hard to lose a minimum of 5% tend to feel better about themselves and work harder to lose more weight and keep it off permanently. Self-confidence and coupled with better sleeping habits results in a better mood and outlook in life.

5% Is A Step In The Right Direction

Losing 5% is a great way to motivate yourself into adopting healthier and more active habits that will lead you to live a better lifestyle. For some, the 5% is all they need to stay healthy, but for others think of the first 5% as an accomplishment on its own. Get motivated and get active, and you’ll find yourself enjoying life to the fullest.



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