3 Benefits of Losing Just 5% of Your Body Weight

When people plan to shed some extra weight they tend to consider pounds instead of using percentage. A lot of those who have weight loss goals are commonly heard saying, “I need to drop the extra five pounds…”, which is pretty normal considering we see the number on the scale and subtract what every weight we feel we need to lose.

What if there was a better way to consider weight loss numbers? Overweight and obese people know that they have a serious challenge ahead of them when it comes to trimming down. The thought alone of losing 20 pounds sounds like a tiring task that can make anyone quit on the spot. Why not use the 5% weight loss method?

Losing 5% Helps A Lot

To a person who weighs 300 pounds, shedding the first 15 pounds is already a major accomplishment. The reason why computing weight loss via percentage works is because the number looks smaller, making people feel like they can reach their goals sooner, resulting in a higher success rate.

If you have tried to lose weight in the past and have found yourself giving up because the scales aren’t showing your progress, it might be time to consider a percentage instead of pounds. Aside from making goals easier to reach, these are the most important reasons why losing the 5% matters a great deal:

1 – Less Pressure On Your Joints

Did you know that an extra 10 pounds on your body add up to 40 pounds of pressure on your joints? That causes a lot of strain which results in aches and pain that won’t seem to go away no matter what. Extra fat wears out the joints sooner while also causing tissue inflammation that leads to tissue and joint damage.

Keeping the pounds off will result in less joint pain and also reduce the risk of arthritis in the near future. That’s two benefits from just losing the first 5% of your total body weight.

2 – Healthier Heart

Losing a small amount of weight will have a wonderful impact on your heart. People who accomplish losing at least 5% of their weight experience a significant boost in their HDL, the good cholesterol level alongside a decrease in harmful triglyceride levels. These changes alone result in lowering the risk of a heart attack or any other form of heart disease by up to 50%.

Aside from LDL, bad cholesterol levels being reduced, blood pressure is also lowered which reduces the chances of getting a stroke. It is amazing how losing 5% of your weight can have such a positive effect in your heart health.

3 – Lowers Breast Cancer Risks

Older women who aim to lose at least 5% of their current body weight are 12% less likely to develop breast cancer as those who do not control their weight. Although there are no other clear studies that indicate how losing weight affects the chances of getting other forms of cancer, it cannot hurt to shed excess pounds.

In fact, the changes that occur inside your body after weight loss can help lower hormone levels that are linked to different cancers such as insulin and estrogen.

Let’s be honest. Weight loss can be a challenge, but with our team, we will help you get to your goal weight. We’ve done it so many times before with people just like you. But you have to believe just enough to give us a call and let us help you.



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