10 Big Reasons To Lose Even A Little Bit Of Weight – Part 1

Part 1

The beginning of February is drawing nearer which means many of us are guilty of already backing out of the typical New Year’s resolution of becoming more active, eating healthier, and going on a diet to start losing weight. Sadly, weight loss is one of the most common goals people want to achieve, but find themselves feeling demotivated after a few short weeks.

Although it is true that achieving your weight loss goals takes a lot of time, patience, and determination, we all know that is worth it. Shedding those extra pounds will do wonders for your overall health and self-confidence, which usually isn’t enough for people to stay committed to their goals. Here are more reasons why getting up, exercising, and dieting is worth every hurdle your encounter:

Reason #1: You Will Develop Better Sleeping Habits

Did you know that overweight people tend to feel more tired and restless at night because of the food they eat? Constantly binging on sugary and high-energy food leaves the body feeling hungry at the most inconvenient of time: at night. An unhealthy diet often includes midnight snacking which affects your sleeping pattern and encourages other unhealthy habits that contribute to weight gain.

Adjust your diet and you will eventually go back to a normal sleeping pattern that will leave you waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed for a new day.

Reason #2: Less Joint Pain

Carrying excess weight will impact your joints. Just imagine having to carry a 10-pound bag all day long; that is excess weight affects your joints. The added pressure caused by being overweight puts serious pressure and strain on your joints, most especially the knee. Losing just a few pounds will help alleviate the additional pressure giving your joints relief from pressure and pain so you don’t find yourself complaining about it any time soon.

Reason #3: Lowered Cholesterol Level

It is no secret that overweight people tend to have a cholesterol problem too. This is because excess weight is commonly linked to a higher level of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol that has a grave impact on our health. The LDL is circulated via our bloodstream which leads to plaque deposits in the arteries, causing them to become narrow. A narrow artery is the most common cause of a sudden stroke or heart attack.

Becoming more active and eating a healthier diet will significantly reduce the presence of LDL in the blood.

Reason #4: Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can indicate plaque buildup within the arteries while hypertension thickens the heart walls. This combination can result in heart or kidney failure if not reversed. Losing as little as 10 pounds will help keep your blood pressure down and your heart pumping normally.

Reason #5: Improve Your Immune System

After changing your eating habits and exercising regularly to shed the excess weight you will begin to feel healthier because your immune system will also strengthen. This means you will become less prone to allergies and colds so you can stay active, even when others are nursing the flu.

You will no longer feel sluggish and tired all the time thanks to an improved immune system after weight loss. If you are feeling like the extra pounds you carry is affecting your health significantly, it is time to start working on how to drop the weight.

If you lost weight just for the 5 reasons mentioned above it would be worth it. But we’re going to cover 5 more reasons in Part 2 of 10 Big Reasons To Lose Even A Little Bit Of Weight



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